About Me


I am a father of three amazing daughters that run my world. My blog is dedicated to the creation of birthday cakes for my daughters. I fell into the cake decorating world by chance, after my oldest daughter asked me

Daughter: “Daddy, you know that movie I watch called Tangled, with the Princess who runs away from the mean lady who keeps her in a tower”

Me: “Yes, the one you love to watch all the time”

Daughter: “well , can you make me a tangled cake for my birthday?”

Me: “long pause . . . I guess I can”

After realizing I just committed myself to making a cake for my daughters birthday,  my brain started racing with what a tangled cake should look like. I quickly pulled up a browser and navigated to Google. I typed the words ‘Tangled birthday cake’ and hit search. A whole bunch of cakes started to appear and I saved the ones I believed I could conquer.

My vision was now set ‘A Rapunzel princess with long platted golden hair, trapped inside a majestic medieval castle, built on a cobblestone tower,  soaring over an enchanted forest, filled with colourful vibrant flowers and flowing green grass.

How hard could that be right?

Did I mention everything needed to be edible!

I spend about three rigorous days building that tangled cake. I made mistake after mistake, learnt that large soaring gravity defying objects, just don’t sit on top of cakes without proper support and skill and nearly gave up many times. I definitely lost 3 days off my life due to stress. Oh and by the way my job at the time was Leading an IT Operations Team for a large scale global company, dealing with outages and complex challenges and nothing compared to the task of making a tangled cake.

Below is how it turned out. It wasn’t all edible but close.


So the journey of cake decorating began and over the years my stress went down and my skills went up. Now it’s a fun hobby that my daughters and I enjoy. My daughters always get excited when I pull out the cake decorating tools, days before their birthday to begin their cake creation. They always decide on the cake they want and we work together to create a vision. Sometimes I need to give them a reality check on my limitations of cake making, as they come up with some crazy ideas.

For any dads or moms out there wanting to get into the cake decorating business. Don’t be afraid, you may unearth a talent you never knew you had.

Your first or even second cake may not turn out exactly how you intended it to be, but it will get better over time and most importantly your kids will never be disappointed in your work.