Paris Cake


The Paris cake (Eiffel Tower Cake) was requested by my oldest daughter for her 9th birthday. She has a love for everything Paris. She loves the colour pink, which ties nicely into the classic colours of Paris. This cake took under two hours to decorate and was on the easier skill level of decorating, as it didn’t involve modelling characters or balancing large objects on the top of the cake. This is the perfect classic for any girls birthday.

Be sure to review my Cake Decorating Tips page to get some helpful advice on cake decorating tips to help make your decorating go as smooth as possible.


  1. Cover a 4 tier standard 9 inch round cake with white fondant. I freeze the cake before icing the sides to help reduce crumbs and breakage. Makes it a lot easier to ice.
  2. If you are colouring your white fondant pink, make enough for the top circle and side strips. Colouring the fondant separately could result in different shades of pink for the top circle and side stripes. Using a concentrated liquid gel dye works a lot better than your standard food colouring when creating your own coloured fondant.
  3. Cut a pink circle for the top of the cake using a small fondant cutting wheel. Do not use a knife, as this will tear the fondant. A small light bowl can help make a template.
  4. For the side stripes. I used a template to help keep the sizing the same. This could be a piece of cardboard, markings of a non stick fondant mat etc. To help calculate the number of stripes needed, measure the circumference of the cake (Diameter multiplied by 3.14) and divide it by the desired thickness. Find a thickness that results in as close as equal parts as possible. I also created white strips, but you could just use pink and take advantage of the white background.
  5. I added some small rolled black fondant balls to the bottom. I used a pre-coloured black fondant, as this is hard to mix using colouring. To keep the balls the same size. Roll a piece of fondant into a pipe and cut even pieces to be rolled into a ball. The balls will most likely stick to the side of the cake due to the moisture in the fondant. You can always use a very small amount edible glue. Check my Cake Decorating Tips page for making your own fondant glue.
  6. I purchased a 7 inch Eiffel tower cake topper off Amazon to place on top of the cake. I have seen some people make these by hand using royal icing/gum paste/fondant, but this is a lot of work to get it looking above average.
  7. I finished the cake with a black ribbon. Don’t worry if its too long. You can cut it after its been tied to get the perfect finish.

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